Old Photos

Organizing, Printing and Displaying Photos: Past Present and Future

Do you remember all those photo albums you would look through years ago? You may still have access to them at a parent’s or grandparent’s house. Perhaps you inherited some photo albums or a box of photos. Many of us very rarely flip through these old books or rummage through a box of old pictures. Today we keep pictures on our mobile devices. We can share them instantly via messenger or Airdrop. We display them on Instagram and Facebook. We can even improve them by using filters or our favorite editing app. These are all revolutionary developments in how we use and share images. In all the ways we take and share pictures, we may have lost the essence of why we do it. There is a higher purpose for photos that, over the years, have been lost to the ease of the capture. Our photos represent our progress, the depth of our relationships, and the story of our journeys. When was the last time you printed a picture? Do you know how many photos you currently have on your phone? Are they in folders? Do you have any recent portraits hanging in your home? When was the last time you had your photos taken with a professional photographer, like me? If your answers were negatives for these questions, you might want to set a more artistic and decorative intention for your photos. You should organize them, print some for display, and hire a professional to cover your next milestone. Past: We have so many memories that sit in boxes and trunks. We all have rich histories that could be shared with family and friends through the images captured long ago. Many of us still have film that we never developed and old instant cameras that still have a few […]