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Who am I:
I am Kevin D. Graham, and I bet you can’t guess what the “D” stands for in my middle name. I am a husband and a dad. I have two growing boys who are eight and nine years old. I love all things related to technology, music, and comedy. I have a Masters in Communications with a concentration in New Media and Marketing.

What I do:
I am an artist and a storyteller. Photography is the ability to communicate the essence of a moment with images. It is the capacity to understand how to capture the significance of a time. I do this with these expensive brushes many refer to as cameras and lenses. I also do this by understanding who my clients are and their journey.

Why I do it:
I fell in love with photography while I was in school working on my master’s degree. I purchased a camera to take photographs for my marketing projects. I started using it at my son’s school as the communication director for the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). When I discovered the power of visual images and my ability to create these amazing photos I was hooked. I love this work, and I believe everyone should have at least one portrait of themselves.

What’s your specialty?
I am a photographer who specializes in taking pictures of people. From headshots to portraits and from families to businesses, I will create some fabulous images for you. Hire me today!