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Organizing, Printing and Displaying Photos: Past Present and Future

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Do you remember all those photo albums you would look through years ago? You may still have access to them at a parent’s or grandparent’s house. Perhaps you inherited some photo albums or a box of photos. Many of us very rarely flip through these old books or rummage through a box of old pictures. Today we keep pictures on our mobile devices. We can share them instantly via messenger or Airdrop. We display them on Instagram and Facebook. We can even improve them by using filters or our favorite editing app. These are all revolutionary developments in how we use and share images. In all the ways we take and share pictures, we may have lost the essence of why we do it. There is a higher purpose for photos that, over the years, have been lost to the ease of the capture. Our photos represent our progress, the depth of our relationships, and the story of our journeys. When was the last time you printed a picture? Do you know how many photos you currently have on your phone? Are they in folders? Do you have any recent portraits hanging in your home? When was the last time you had your photos taken with a professional photographer, like me? If your answers were negatives for these questions, you might want to set a more artistic and decorative intention for your photos. You should organize them, print some for display, and hire a professional to cover your next milestone.


We have so many memories that sit in boxes and trunks. We all have rich histories that could be shared with family and friends through the images captured long ago. Many of us still have film that we never developed and old instant cameras that still have a few more pictures on them we could take. It would be wonderful if these were digital images that we could share. You could use an app like PhotoScan by Google: Android. I know it would take hours to scan all these images and where can we send all this old film? Well, you are in luck because there are places that are dedicated to scanning, backing up, and organizing your photos. Check out the services below:


I know some individuals who have over 2000 pictures on their mobile devices not including videos. Their best photos have already been uploaded to Facebook, but the other images sit there waiting to be used. These images are so difficult to part with, but I know it’s hard to find a context for all of them in a social media post. The best thing anyone can do with these memories is to organize them for later use. Most mobile devices have a way for you to create albums for your photos. Just click on your photos app and look for “Albums,” and then create your albums by date location or subject. However, it will not be long before your memory and cloud are full, and you will also a backup. I recommend using these tools to organize and backup your photos:

Google Photos: iOSAndroid

Amazon Photos: iOSAndroid

Ever: iOSAndroid


Printing photos used to be a hit or miss activity. We took pictures using our cameras loaded with the film; then we took them to the store to be developed. We picked them up from the drugstore and opened the envelope to see what how we fared. There were some that were good, some not so good, and some that were terrible. If we had known, we would have only printed the good ones. Now we can select and print our photos without having to deal with the mystery of what images look good. Today it is super easy to print your photos, and now you can print 4x4s and 4x6s for free with Free Prints and Shutterfly. You should be super selective about what you print to avoid excess. We don’t tend to treat excess with high regard.  You should already have a place and frame in mind. Think about all the areas at work and home that you could decorate with your photos. Think of friends or family who may not ordinarily follow you on social media who would love to receive pictures of you and your immediate family. Your conclusions should be the driving force behind the images you print. This intention will set a standard between the images you print and those you share via social media. The conclusion of technology is output. In this case, did the beautiful images we captured make it to print and frame?

Shutterfly: iOSAndroid

Free Prints: iOSAndroid

Printastic: iOSAndroid

Hire a professional photographer:

Today smartphone photography has become a cultural mainstay. Everywhere you go people are taking photos and shooting video. These photos and videos are good for immediate use. Potentially hundreds and thousands of people can see and react to a posted image. However, there are times when taking the photo should be a professional’s job. Professional photographers come to the scene with a required knowledge base and experience to get the best possible photo. We understand how to use and manipulate the available light. We study things like aperture, ISO and shutter speeds. We know how to pose you and the best places to stand to get the best possible exposure. You should use a pro photographer for your next milestone, portrait, headshot or important event.

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